Running Very Slow After Upgrade to 7.1.30508.0

After upgrade to 7.1.30508.0 eM Client performance is terrible when moving between emails. Never had this problem before.

Same here.  VERY Slow when doing anything such as replying to email, opening an email, moving email to folders, ect.  Could use some tips on fixing this. 

Had the same problem. I returned to version 6 but got a new one: a new copy of my contact is loaded at every start of emclient… no help so far.

I uninstalled eM client from my computer yesterday afternoon and re-installed it. This seemed to “fix” the lag issue I was experiencing when reading my e-mails. So far so good … I will advise if the problems re-appears.

Have just uninstalled it and reinstalled it on my machine but has made no difference. Still as equally slow and laggy.

I have the same problem. Take quite a few seconds to show an email in the right hand window.  Although it only takes a few seconds, it’s really frustrating if you want to quickly see what’s in each email.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. Maybe go back to an earlier version as someone else has said. I think I’ll try that.

same issue here.  Having to use Gmail instead.