running version 7.2.34062.0; I have now had 3 force-closes in the last few days. Are there any updates after this release??

As noted in the title, updated to this version and now I continue to have force-close issues; no other changes to computer (nothing I have made specifically).  Windows 10, build 1809, latest windows patches.

Are there any updates after this one?  Any others having this problem?

Each time this shuts down, it runs through the clean-up processing and restarts ok; I assume, due to this, that there are no additional clean-up steps that need to be taken.


I have not seen this, but to answer your question, if the database check is clean, you should be just fine.

The problem is that this keeps happening, right when I’m trying to use the app… I guess I should say this is annoying, at least…

Anyone remember the days when the BSOD was common for Windows? Save often… Not losing anything here, but time.


The same here … 3 to5 force closes per working day … the following database-scan is always fine.

This never happened as long as versions up to 7.1. were running.


Yep, so the question is, will there be a patch coming out to address this, can we revert back to a prior version that is stable, etc.

In my case, I upgraded only because I thought I should… Not because I needed to for any bugs, etc. BIG mistake.

Maybe a better question is, does development monitor this forum…

You can easily revert back to an older version within the same release group (e.g., 7.2 or 7.1 but not 7.2 to 7.1 as there may have been database changes).  Simply uninstall eM Client and then reinstall the earlier version.  The uninstall routine does not delete the data (that being said, a backup is always a good idea).  When you open the older version, it will access your existing data.

Ok… So the option is on the table… Is there acknowledgement of the problem, of a problem with this release? Effort to address? I can’t be the only person having this issue…

If going back to something more stable, what release recommended?

Have you tried upgrading to 7.2.34137.0?  I haven’t had problems with any version, so it’s hard to give a recommendation.

Happy to. When checking for updates, app reported up to date. Where does one find these incremental updates?

Yeah, they don’t always push updates out to users, at least immediately.  You can always get the latest version by going here:

Hi Mark,

you can send the crash log in a .txt file to [email protected] together with a link to this forum thread.