Running two eM instances with different /dblocation paths

I need to keep my personal and work mails in separate stores. Is it possible to have different instances of eMclient running at the same time, each one pointing to a different /dblocation path?

Also, what exactly does the /localmutex command line switch do in tech-speak? I’ve been running eMclient via RDP sessions for a few days without it, and didn’t notice any issues.

You can only run one instance of eM Client at any time. You would need to change the database location then restart eM Client to use a separate message store. 

But setting up multiple accounts in eM Client does kinda keep separate message stores, as each account will have a separate folder within the database folder. And if the accounts are setup as IMAP or Exchange, then the data is stored on separate servers and only a cached copy is displayed in eM Client.