Runnig eM Client on more than one computer and combining emails from 2 email programs into eM Client on one computer

I am a very recent purchaser of a new computer with Windows 8, not happy that there is no way to run Outlook Express on it.
I am looking for a replacement email program that I can use that will not be “web mail”. I want my emails on my hard drive.

I would like to know if one “license” will allow me to load eM client on both a laptop and a desktop or is it limited to one device?

I am also curious if I can import mail into eM client from Outlook express(my old desktop with Win XP) and Microsoft Mail(my laptop with Vista). I would like to combine all the information from the two devices onto the new computer.


you have to make one license per one device, that means for laptop and desktop you will need two of them.

And yes you can import your mail from those two, but you have to have them installed together with eM Client or export data from them and import into eM Client. Or just setup same accounts in all of them and wait until it will synchronize all online data from server.