Run rule, all messages disappear

I just created a rule to apply a tag to messages that contain words in the subject, then stop processing. I ran that rule on just the inbox, and… all inbox messages are gone. I mean, they are not in another folder - I can’t find them anywhere.

I’ve double (and triple) checked the rule - all it does is run on receive from all accounts (I have 2), and tag messages with certain words in the subject, then stop processing. Help?

Can you display the actual rule?

After message has been received
with ‘has shipped!’, ‘Your order of’ found in subject
and from ‘[email protected]
set tags ‘Invoice/Payment’

I don’t see the “Stop processing” option in the rule you have perhaps typed into the reply.

Would it be possible for you to display the rule on screen and then take a screen snapshot and then paste it into the reply.

Also, is this a “Local Rule”?

What version of eMC are you running?

I copied and pasted the rule text into the email. There are actually 2 rules: The first runs, then the second (which is the one that actually has the Stop Processing instruction. HOWEVER when I did “Apply”, I only had the first rule checked, and it was applied only to the inbox (although running both still should have been ok):

They are the same, except the first checks for “Your order of” AND “has shipped!” (I’m assuming it’s an AND), while the second only checks for “Your order of”.

This is on an iCloud account. I logged into iCloud, and all messages were gone - not in any folder, just gone. There were only a total of about 30-50 messages there, but all ones I wanted to keep, and most (if not all) had (other) tags already applied manually.

Finally, I am using version 9.2.2144 (ad62e4c) for Mac, running Sonoma (14.0)

I wish this would have been stated earlier and do wish you keep that in mind whenever posting in this forum. I do not handle other than WINDOWS versions of eMC. Perhaps there are others in this forum that can help you!

I can’t see anything in those two rules set to delete messages at all. Only rules to apply tags if certain conditions are found in messages.

I suspect it’s either “some other rule setup in eM Client” that caused messages to delete.

Or maybe “another mail client running on your same computer” with a rule to delete messages.

Or possibly “some other device or computer is configured with the same mail account” either at your place or maybe a family members place or maybe at another premesis which has deleted those inbox messages.

See first “dblcheck if you have any other eM Client rules running with delete mail options” enabled in them. Even try “disabling / unchecking everything in eM Client rules” to test.

Now “If there is no other delete rules setup in eM Client and disabling all the check boxes in rules makes no difference”, then check in your iCloud mailbox online incase there is any filters or rules setup there to auto delete messages.

If there no filters or rules setup to delete Inbox messages in your iCloud mailbox online, then “check for any other mail clients running on your same computer” that may have rules set to delete messages. Could be another mail client.

Next if no other mail clients installed setup with your same account, then “check all your other devices” and “any other computers if you have more than one computer in your house” just incase one of them has a rule setup to auto delete mail.

Also if you have been to any family members places or other premesis recently and used a computer their with your mail account setup or maybe logged into webmail there & it saved your login, someone there might have deleted those inbox messages without your knowledge.

Now if you haven’t logged in on any other computer at any family members place or any other premisis etc, then suggest to change your mailbox password in iCloud and eM Client.

Lastly contact Apple Tech support by phone and see if they can help you recover or restore your iCloud messages. Maybe they have a backup system or a way to restore deleted messages.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately none of the scenarios described apply. No other computers, accounts, or email clients, and only the 2 rules I listed. I bought emClient in April and have used it trouble-free since. The emails were deleted by emClient when I applied the rule; I saw it happen. I applied the rule, got a dialog with a status bar showing full and saying it was successful. As soon as I clicked the button to close the dialogue, the messages disappeared.

While I sincerely appreciate the community help, I feel like this is a major problem that requires official support beyond community help. All I found was VIP support, but I don’t see paying for support to research and fix a problem like this-especially since I bought a license.

At this point I have no option but to quit using emClient, which is a shame honestly, because it really did everything I wanted in an email client.

martes 10 octubre 2023 :: 1515hrs (UTC +0100)

You do not need to pay for VIP Support, it is included for 1 year with your Pro purchase

You can log in here and raise a ticket.


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