run eM client from multiple workstations

is it possible to install and run the free version of eM client on multiple workstations using the same email account ? If i activate the license on the second workstation, it get’s deactivated on the first workstation …
Will it work with the pro version ?

Yes, you can connect to the same email account on multiple workstations using the Free License, as long as it is for personal use only.  You will need a separate Free License for each computer. You can only register one Free License per email address, so you will need multiple addresses to register multiple licenses.

With the Pro License, it is much the same. You will need an additional license for each workstation you install it on. There is a bulk discount when purchasing multiple Pro Licenses at one time.

thank you, it works using the domain on the second workstation and domain on the first workstation

Yes, GMail addresses are interesting. is the same as and They are all the same mailbox, but seen as different email addresses outside of GMail.