I have set up a rule that says anything coming in from people (which would be YouTube), to move it to my youtube folder (called youtube) but it’s not working.
I have gmail.  Does this have to be set on the gmail side?  If not, wondering why this isn’t working.  Nor does it work if I try to run the rule on my inbox folder.
I also have the enable rule button checked.
Any thoughts?
I had it working on my older computer but it crashed. I am on the free EM Client software.
Thank you

When you say - “from people which would be YouTube”  is it a rule from a specific senders email address ?

If you want to create a rule to automatically send an email address to a specific folder, you can “Right click” on the senders email address in the body of the email at the top, and then click “Create a rule from” at the bottom. Then click “Move to folder” text at the bottom and choose / select the folder you want to move the specific senders email address to. Finally click “Next” at the bottom till you get to the end of the rule and “Finish”.

By doing it this way, I realized I wasn’t putting in the correct address from where those messages come from.  It makes better sense to Rt-Click to create the rule as you get the specific address.
Thank you. Will wait until I get another one and see if it works.
My sincere thanks.