It is hard to move rules around for 3 reasons.
     1. They cannot dragged and dropped.
     2. They cannot be named.
     3. When the up button is pressed when the rule is at the bottom of the page, the rules are
        displayed starting from the top down.  If the rules do not fit within the window in which they
        are displayed and a rule on the bottom is to be moved to a place that still wouldn’t fit on the
       page, then it is very inconvenient to move the rules up.

Hello Don, this is unfortunately an expected behavior at this moment, we’ll consider improving the behavior in the Rules window for upcoming releases of eM Client.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


If & when you do update the rules, in addition to the those mentioned above, would you please also add 3 more items.

1.  Add a conditional of Already Read.
2.  Allow selection of which directory on which the rule is to be run when setting up the rule.
3.  Allow all rules to be run when a button is pushed.

Thank you.

OK, I see others would like some enhancements for rules, too, hence I will point you to my already compiled list, just for reference.


Hello everyone. I’ve recently started using eM Client and found that despite importing my rules they do not act properly. I’ve updated the folders obviously. 

The main thing i find agrevating is the lack of possibility of adding a group of adresses to my rules. E.g. I’m getting a lot of mail from different people from one domain, so, which worked perfectly under thunderbird, i made a rule that if i get a mail from 1 domain, it is being transfered to one specific folder, no matter who wrote it. So, if Im using IMAP, do i get this functionality with eM software?

Hello Tomasz,
you can set the rules for a specific domain - just use the in the ‘from people’ part of the rule.


See also my response in the thread below about a manual way of manipulating rules outside of the eM Client user interface: