Rules work erratically or not at all in 8.2.237

After updating to the latest version rules function erratically. I have a lot of rules that put emails into folders and associate a tag with them. Some emails go to the right folder, but the tag is not set. Others have the tag set but aren’t placed in the folder according to the rule. I’ve checked the rules several times. I’ve also tried running a specific rule on the the inbox and it still won’t do what it’s supposed to. Before this last update the rules worked just fine.

I would delete one of the Rules and recreate it, and see if that one works.

Good idea. But it didn’t help. I even created a brand new rule and it still didn’t work. The odd thing is that some rules do work.

Can you create the rules server side?
Outlook does allow creation of unlimited rules, I create them server side via and then enable them, eM Client can see them but can’t edit or remove them.
I think it does the same with Gmail.

I wonder if there is possibly some eg: ISP mail box server rules setup interfering / overriding with eM Client local rules ?

I’m not even sure an ISP offer that kind of stuff however not impossible if they want to lock you down to their services.
Gmail Filter/Rules doesn’t show in eM Client.

My mail server does not have the ability to automatically sort emails. As I mentioned everything was fine until the last version update of emClient.

Well it seems em Client doesn’t care about this. I continue to find that my rules do not set the tag on some, but not all emails specified in my rules. This only started after the update to 8.2.

Perhaps the volunteers need more information and clarification of the problem.
Screen shots of the rules that are not working properly might help.
What version of eMC are you running?