Rules Will Not Work and Crashes for Version 7

I have upgraded to Version 7, and it seems that there are bugs.

When setting rules for certain senders to be put into a different folder, they are not being sent to that folder when the email is received.  

I have also created a search folder so I can see the emails that were sent to me separately, and each time I open the folder, I get an error with a request to shut down.    


guess you are seeing the same issue as I’ve encountered after upgrading, right?

Please see:

You can check your rules that have been migrated if the target folder names are missing.



Thank you so much for your help.  I lost track of some emails, and deleted important ones by mistake due to them not carrying over.  


Hi Rebecca,

does this mean your rules, too, lost the target folders names?

Hello Rebecca,
it does seem that your issue is indeed the same as the one Mike describes, there have been issues with some imported rules losing information about the Folder destination.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience and are working on fixing this issue.
At this time you will need to manually set up the folder destination for your rules again.