Rules to tag emails received into a folder (sorted on server side)


I have a mailbox with lots of folders. This account is used to receive log/alert messages from a variety of devices.

Of course the messages are sorted to the folders on the server side, because the account is operated by more people and it would be mess to manage sorting rules on client side.

I tried to add some rules in eM to add tags to the messages.

The rules do not work on the messages which are received to a different folder than inbox.

I need the rules to be applied on all received messages.

Kindest regards


Unfortunately Rules only apply automatically to new unread messages as they arrive in your Inbox. If they have been moved server-side, Rules will not apply to them. You can apply them manually at a later time by selecting the folder where the messages are, and by right-click choose Apply Rule.

Hi Gary,

thank you for a kind reply. This is exactly what I noticed. This is a feature request, can it be done or not? I thought about buing eM and using it for my other mailboxes too but if this doesn’t work eM is not any better for me than freeware clients.