Rules to move new incoming messages to a folder loose the folder name randomly

I am using eM Client to access my Hotmail account.  I have set up rules to move specific messages to other folders.  These work for while and then, at random, some of the rules lose the folder name.  I can edit the rule and re-enter the folder name.  Again, this will work for a while and then some of the edited rules and others will lose the folder name again.  How do I fix this problem.

Folders in eMclient do not work reliably or not at all. Support is nothing but hot air. What a useless piece of rubbish. 

Martin, this is a duplicate comment posted at

This issue that Geo experienced is when a folder is renamed or deleted and recreated. Unfortunately Rules don’t update when you do that. All I can suggest is be aware of that limitation when editing folders.

Didn’t edit any folder names.  Didn’t change any folders.  Just some rules to move email from the inbox to another folder lose the other folder name.  It is not all rules.  It is not neccessarily the same rules.  For a couple of years I have seen this, but can not associate the problem with any particular event. 

And, Martin, I prefer to identify problems so that they can be resolved.