Rules syntax for multiple recipients in a domain?

I’m evaluating eM Client since Thunderbird has not fulfilled our needs.  We’d like to go paid, but only if we can get rules working as we had with Outlook, Thunderbird and the like.  In particular, we need to have two things:

  1. A rule with a list of domains (possibly with subdomains) so that any user from or @??? to a category.  I’ve tried

None of those combinations worked for an address like [email protected].  Thunderbird solved this easily with “Sender contains ‘’”, which is super simple.  If there’s a syntax for it, it wasn’t in the help files I read.  Is there a syntax for wild cards in email addresses for rules?  

  1. A rule that works with an ever-changing distribution list in the contacts folder.  We use several lists of employees and outside contacts.  Right now, if I change a contact, I must also manually edit the rule to add the address there as well, which defeats the purpose.  Is there a way to get the rule to read the distribution list each time it runs?

Bonus item - We would like to have a rule with a list of domains (amazon and other suppliers) that would also require a word filters (Shipment, invoice, or confirmation, for example) that would indicate an order or shipment email rather than a simple sales email.  In Thunderbird, this was super simple.  Is this possible?


The first Rule can be done using with words found in the header option. This treats anything you enter as beginning and ending with a wild card, which you can’t do otherwise. So From: should cover all of them except for *abc*. Just using From: abc could be unreliable as that would include something like

To do that create a new Rule and choose with words found in the header.

Click on the words link in the Rule and enter From:

Your Rule should look like this before you specify what to do with those messages.

As far as I know you cannot use a distribution list as criteria for a Rule. Sorry.

The bonus item can be done using the with words found in the header.  Just add the words like this:


Let me know if you need more.

Thanks! That helps!  Is there a list of the syntax you can use when searching the header?

The syntax used in the Rule is always Header: value. This tells the Rule in which header item to search, and what word to look for.  

There is no list, but probably the only header items that are of any use are Date: To: From: and Subject: