Rules or similar that apply to a message before it has been sent

I’m a relatively new user (Pro) and I appreciate having this forum to learn what is feasible, what has not been implemented, etc.  I have v7.1.32716.0 installed, configured with 10 POP3/SMTP accounts.

One thing I’m used to from my previous mailer is the ability to set up a rule for a new email I intend to send to a particular user – namely to automatically have this email come *from* a particular account of mine (not the default account).
Is there any way to do this in eM Client?  The rule wizard for “Apply custom rule on messages I send” seems to be limited to “After message has been sent”. 

My problem is that I sometimes forget to change the from-account when sending to a particular recipient.  Ideally I’d like to have a new mail (blank) open, and then when I select a particular recipient in my Contacts list, the from-account changes to one I’ve pre-specified in a rule.
Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to do this in eM Client, either with rules or some workaround.  Maybe I’ll be lucky and have overlooked something obvious… :slight_smile:

A Rule cannot be applied while editing a message, and it can’t change the content of the message.

The way that the from address is determined is firstly by what folder you are in. If you have your accounts each with a separate folder tree, then the address for the account whose folder you are in when you start a new message will be used. If you setup your POP3 accounts to all use the common Local Folders, then the default account specified in your account settings will be used for new messages. If you are in a Smart Folder, the default account will be used for new messages.

Replying will use the address it was sent to, if that is one of your accounts, if not it will use the account of the folder you are in, and then the default.

You cannot configure eM Client to begin a new message without a from address. Sorry!

Thanks for the detailed reply, Gary.  I typically use the Smart Folder All-Inboxes.

For clarification, I’m not asking to “begin a new message without a from address”, but rather whether eM Client can be configured to automatically change the From Address contingent on what I enter as a To Address. 

The Bat! mailer can do that, but it has other issues, and generally I’m glad to have changed to eM.

Unfortunately you cannot automatically change the sender’s address based on the receiever’s address.