Rules only work part of the time

I am evaluating eM for purchase. Overall I really like the app, but one of the features I need, Rules, is not working reliably.

I have created a simple Rule that moves all messages from a particular email address to a local folder. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn’t.

The Rule works perfectly if I run it manually. The problem is that it fails to process most incoming messages.

My mailbox is accessed through IMAP, but the messages that are not being processed are all showing up in the Inbox as unread.

The only unusual thing about this Rule is that it is looking for From values that happen to be the same as the email of the mailbox it is looking in. Would that cause problems?

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot/fix this problem?

Thank you!

–Bob Q

Could be you might have also server mailbox rules overriding your local eM Client rules.

Trying to understand your Rule. It is moving message you sent to yourself?

That’s a good thought, but I’ve checked on the server side and there are no rules implemented there.

I have four IP Cameras that send pictures to my email when triggered by motion. They send using the same email address as the mailbox to which they are sent. Those messages do not start in the mailbox, of course, they are just sent through the SMTP server using that email address. They do arrive in the mailbox as new messages.

Not an ideal arrangement, it has worked fine with the other email clients I’ve used (most recently Thunderbird).

Ok maybe suggest then to try setting “the same rule in your server mailbox end” to move to that folder “and remove the local eM Client rule” to see if that works instead.

Maybe as its the same email address as the mailbox, might have to be done from the mailbox end.