rules not working

I have set up mail filtering rules (I am on 6.0.24928.0) and they don’t run, any of them - I have to do it all manually. I cannot see what I am doing that is wrong, it all seems straightforward - but basically nothing happens. I would appreciate any advice on the matter. 

Hi Mick,

how does the rule look alike, I mean, does it trigger on incoming or outgoing messages and what are the exact steps you have used?


tool- rules - new rule - move messages with defined words in subject to folder

after message received

enter new word (Amazon)

add - OK

move to folder - Amazon (already created)

next - name rule (Amazon)
no exceptions
tick enable rule - next

Apply rule
select Amazon
tick inbox

aaaaaaand - nothing happened

I have similar issues. I have several rules which are:

  1. Apply after received
  2. Received thru a specific account (an “umbrella” account)
  3. Sent to a specific address (an “alias” address of the “umbrella”)
  4. Move to folder

The rules will never move the messages.

what accounts do you experience the problem with? We have a current server side problem with some rules on gmail accounts.
If it’s a different account, please specify and attach a screenshot of the rules setting, please.


These are POP3 accounts. I use mail forwarders (aliases) for various special purposes which forward the mails to a true POP3 mailbox. I then use client-side rules to place the mails into various local folders related to each forwarder. I’ve used this technique successfully with both Outlook and Thunderbird before switching to eM. Rule shown below:

Hello Dave,
I think that the received using/sent to options might be cancelling themselves out.
Could you perhaps just keep the ‘Sent to’ condition and see if that works?


OK, I’ll try that but I did find a rule doing the same things (albeit using a different POP3 account on a different domain) which is working correctly. That rule is shown below:

I changed the failing rule to NOT check the receiving account and it appears to work correctly now. Unlikely but maybe the difference is the very short username (1 character) in the failing rule’s receiving account? Anyway, the rule now works so I think I’m set. Thanks

Hello Dave,
glad to hear the issue has been resolved in this case.
The issue could have been just as well dependant on the domain, I’ll keep my eye out on it though.


I’m running into the same issue with rules not working to move items from a specific sender or word in a subject to a specific folder.

Both emails are hosted by gmail (one gmail, one personal domain).

Rule set is:
After message has been received
with ‘motionographer’, ‘aescripts’ found in subject
and from ‘jstark@j…xxx’

move to Subscriptions

Would love some input on resolving. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ditto, mine are just message has been received with XXX@XXX address (mailing lists I belong to) move to Folder

None work.