rules not working

I am trying to set up routine mail to file into folders, however they are not working.

I need to be able to file into specific folders if sent to or received by a specific address or sent to or received by any address from a specific domain.

These are usually subfolders e.g. folder Filing/Tech/emClient

For years, users have complained about ‘rules’ not working.  Add my complaint as well.  Was a heavy user of rules in Windows Live Mail.  Have also seen in the comments that Pro support is no better on this issue.  Either make ‘Rules’ work or rip it out and stop claiming it.  

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I agree.  I used rules extensively in Outlook, and thought I had found a good alternative in eM Client but I guess not.  Sad to see this has been an issue for years and never addressed.The rules work if I manually run them, but don’t work on incoming mail as it should!

What version of eM Client are you using James? (Menu > Help > About)

Can you give an example of a Rule that is not working? Screenshot of the Rule would be best.

Also be aware that Rules only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in the Inbox. If the message has been read on another device, or moved with server-side filter, eM Client’s Rule will not be automatically applied.

I am using 7.2.36908.0
As far as only NEW messages, moved with other filter etc - DUH
_Not my first rodeo!

You might want to check the HTML of the message, as I think that the subject of your Amazon email has other characters that are not visible in the email subject when displayed in an email client.

Or you can try another approach.

For the words enter EXACTLY: