Rules Not Working - Help Please

I’m new to eM Client having come from Outlook 2007.

I’ve set up some rules but they are not working. I’ve searched the forums & it would appear plenty opf others are having issues, this is a deal breaker to me as to whether or not I keep using this software.

The rule I have set up is based on my own domain name & I have this set up as a POP account.

Rules Wizard
from people

move to EBay

I have created an EBay folder under my folder but the rule does not run on incoming emails nor does it run when I right click my inbox & Apply Rules

Any working ideas on this please?

Usually Rules work quite well with POP3 accounts.

Maybe the address is not correct. One way to ensure it is correct is to right-click on the from address in the message and choose Create Rule From.

The Rule should then apply to all future incoming messages matching that address.

If you later rename or move the EBay folder, you will need to edit the Rule and reselect the destination as this is not automatically changed. 

Aha thanks for the quick reply.
Yes that did the trick, however that was a I want something that will catch everything from ebay.

I’ve tried * or* but doesn’t work.
Any more ideas please?

Yes, From needs to be a complete address otherwise it will not work, but you can do it using the with words found in the header option. 

Use the format field: criteria.

Thanks, that’s got it :slight_smile: