Rules not working as rules!

Hi, Love the program- But I can not get the rules to work…I have tried ever way possible and …nothing happens…tutorial? com

you can find some help at official application documentation (press F1) under the Contents section Features->E-mail->Rules…


I will try to give you a simple example (you can then experiment further):

How move incoming email from specific email address to specific folder (from default Inbox)

  1. create “specific” folder
    in the left panel (Mail) right-click on your email address (there is small icon of human) and create New Folder - rename it to your taste: for ex. “Friends”

  1. Click on Inbox (in left panel)
  2. In the middle panel (Inbox) you have “Received email”. Click on one from your friend. You have selected row of basic info of this email
  3. Under you see ‘Header’ which is From: Send: To - from top to bottom
    … move cursor right from “From” and friend’s email address gets underlined
  4. Right click on it and select “Create Rule From…” … and you are in Rule Wizard

  1. Wizard created rule “after ‘received’” “from ‘emai address’” “move to ‘FOLDER’”
    7 as you see FOLDER is waiting to be more specific, so click on it and from new “select folder” windows select folder you have created (for Friends). Click on it and OK it…
  2. now instead of ‘FOLDER’ you have your local folder specified (Friends). This is basically it! When you click next, next, next option for name of the rule will be next, which you can rename to Friends (so you can add more friends to it) OR YOU CAN LEAVE IT and just click on Finish

DONE (It will work from now on for your friend’s email after will come in)

To move all “fiend’s” email previously received apply Rule on all emails of Inbox::

  1. Tools/Rules
  2. Click on button “Apply rule…”
  3. from drop down “Applied Rule” list select Friends
  4. in Folder section click on "Select folder(s) and check ‘Inbox’ under you email account
  5. click button Run and confirm (Yes)
  6. … all “friend’s” email from Inbox are moved to new folder


To add more addresses under one rule (optional)
if you do not want to have a lots of different rules, you can simplify by combining them under similar conditions. In this case - fol all friends

  1. right click on email address of another friend (right from “From:”) and Copy Address
  2. Tools/Rules… select Friends (rule) and click on button “Modify rule…”
  3. click on underlined email of your first friend in rule (right from From)
  4. right click on text box “Enter new address” and paste copied address
  5. IMPORTANT: delete everything around the email address (“words”, <>) so there is just email address as you see already entered (your first friend’s email)
    // select unwanted parts and delete them //
  6. click “Add” button and OK
  7. click on FINISH and you are done

Look into rules making option and you will find many more options how to make it to your taste!

All the best!