Rules not working after update

After the latest update (ver 9.1.2109) when I right click on Inbox and then Apply rules I now get an error message and the rules aren’t applied:

“Destination folder for fileinto not found”

Can someone please advise why this is happening and how to remedy?


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I’m having the same issue. I have hundreds of local rules so it is difficult to track down which rule is broken.
What I’ve been doing is recreating the broken rule by guessing what the rule was. Then I re-run the rules and the re-applying rules, I can get further. Total cludge.
Local rules feature needs a rework. Reviewing rules for redundancy/consolidation, pruning is needed. I’ve got rules that I no longer need (e.g. projects completed months/years ago) but it is difficult/impossible to find the musty rule to get rid of it. Would be nice to sort rules, also, multi-select is not working. Allow export to csv/Excel and re-import would be a great help.
So, good luck.

If you have removed and added an account back again, then the Rule will be broken. You need to edit the Rule, and choose the destination folder again.

Is there any way to search the rules as I have probably hundreds of rules. It is not easy to find any particular rule.

Unless there is an easy way to manage the rules, it seems like I might have to just delete all of my local rules and start over.

Any other suggestion?