Rules Not Acting On Received EMail

Rules work when applied manually, but not working when on email received.
Using eM Client 8.0.1268

I also had some issues with Rules on earlier version 8 betas.Maybe upgrade to the latest beta available in the Release History and see if that resolves the problem. There are also a ton of other fixes and new features since the version you have.

Also, bear in mind that Rules only work automatically on new unread messages as they arrive in your Inbox. If the message has already been read, or is not in your Inbox, the Rule will not be applied automatically.

Upgraded to 8.0.2646. - No chance to check tag apply on email receipt.
But now messages with a Tag appear in respective Tag folder but do not show tag name/color in the Tag column.
For example - message with “Review” tag set is listed in “Review” tag folder, but does not display “Review” tag in the folder’s Tag column. However, other tags set for the message “do” appear in Tag column.

This is probably something you need to report to eM Client. For feedback on testing beta software, send your comments to