Rules - NO "OR" combination of conditions? Only "AND"?

When setting up a rule there are some times when i need an “OR” condition and it seems to appear that em Client rules only support “AND” conditions. Example: Apply rule after message received; where the from line contains xxx OR where the to line contains xxx; move it to the yyy folder. Doesn’t seem to be able to do the OR, only AND combination. Am I out of luck on creating an OR condition to be met?

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I have the same question. Is there a way to add 'OR" conditions to the email rules? If not then will it be available in the next update?

You could create a second rule with only the second OR condition.

Yes, but this would mean that I would need 4or 5 separate rules for something that required only one rule in Out,ook Express.

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    hope boolean will be added to the rules editor soon.

Hi, unfortunately using “boolean” with rules is not planned in the foreseeable future.


I struggle to understand why a company, that is specifically competing with a product like Outlook, wouldn’t consider this type of basic functionality. I’ve used this type of search functionality at least 50 times a day, for years.

You’re basically saying. “Look our search is really fast…however you will have to search 3 times to find what you wanted, so in the end, its actually really slow and laborious…”

When searching through 50+ thousand emails, many times a day, it is simply not an option to use a software solution that forces me to search 3/4/5/etc times, when every other decent alternative can give me the results in one search.

Because we think that there are more crucial features to be implemented and on we are currently working.
If more people would request this then we might consider it, but it is up to our users and their requests.


I too would like the ability to use OR in my search criteria.
For example,from:somebody OR to:somebody.
I blows my mind that this feature does not already exist.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases, but no date has been set.
Thank you for understanding,

To be more specific, allowing an arbitrary AND + OR tree is ultimately what’s most useful.  Including an optional “NOT” on any part of the tree (much more flexible than having a few inverse versions of a few conditions).  Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider it when making changes to the search feature in future releases. Thank you, Paul.

The initial post is now over three years old and obviously nothing has changed!

Do you ever take customer wishes and suggestions into account?  I’ve found that some of my own suggested enhancements and wishes have been posted by others as well - long time ago - and so far nothing has changed in emclient.

I’ve just switched from Thunderbird because of a partly better UI and built-in CALDAV and CARDDAV support, however, toolbar customization, email rules and some other features are way better solved in TB.

Hopefully I’ve not waste many Euros for a lifetime license of emClient :frowning:

Hi Mike, I’m sorry this is a missing feature to you, we’re taking all of our users requests into account and we’re considering every single feature for implementation.
With every single eM Client update/upgrade a list of new features is released, unfortunately each feature takes time to be developed and may not be included unless a large number of users requests the feature.

Thank you for understanding,

I also would like to request that this feature be implemented. I use Rules to automatically sort incoming emails into folders by team members. If I have 5 coworkers working on a project, the suggested solution dictates that I create 5 separate rules, one for each coworker, in order to get messages from the team to be moved to the proper folder. I switched from Thunderbird and they implemented a very simple boolean logic rule processor: Supply the criteria and indicate whether the conditions should be AND’ed or OR’d. Not as powerful as a full boolean constructor, but it is drop-dead simple to understand and to implement.

I absolutely agree as well. Part of the reason I decided to evaluate eM client was for its touted rapid search capabilities and (in my opinion) superior support for categorization Unfortunately, I have been somewhat disappointed by the rule construction mechanism. Basic RegEx (like “Subject begins with…”) would be nice, but the lack of an OR operator seems like an oversight that’s never been corrected. Unfortunately, its a very tough one to ignore.

Is there a posted road map for this product? It seems hard to gauge the value of lifetime upgrades with no idea what those will be (other than bug fixes).

I wouldn’t hold my breath for this feature coming into emClient anytime soon when searching for this and similar requests that would enhance the rules in general. Mostly you will see a “…we will consider this and that…” which basically means, thank you for asking but we have other priorities on the list like polishing the UI and not asking the customer for any opinion.

But one never knows, hopefully we will see some real enhancements in the near future…

Hi Mike, I’m sorry you feel like we don’t improve the application based on our user feedback, however I can assure you all requested features are carefully considered and if the user feedback is sufficient they’re added to our roadmap and are eventually implemented into future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I have been using EMC for a few months now and was totally surprised that boolean operations were not available in the wizard or as a manual entry in the search box.

Eugene, that’s live :open_mouth:

I’ve requested this and many other enhancements to the current rules implementation but I was always, let’s say, pointed to the next major version, guess however it was not meant to be version 7. The current blog entries about the new features in v7 do not mention any enhancements regarding the rules so far. Let’s see what’s coming NEXT year ^^