Rules no longer working since changing email accounts

I’ve been using eM Client for several years now.

I’ve been using an email account “[email protected]” and have around (50) message rules, all of which have been working fine.

Recently, I have changed email accounts. My account is now “[email protected]”.

Problem is, since the switch in accounts, my message rules no longer seem to work properly.

I deleted the old account from eM Client, so all that remains is the new one, but, the issue still is not resolved.

All of my old message rules work fine, if I manually execute them…. But they no longer work automatically as new mail comes into my mailbox…

I don’t want to manually recreate 50+ message rules…

How can I resolve this issue? There must be an easy way, right?

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Is there any mention of the old email address in any of the rules that do not work?

Is there any mention of your old email address in the rules list header ?


Thank you for the quick reply.

No, none of my message rules make any reference to the old (or the new) email account…

Every one of them refers instead to “All Accounts”…

Thanks again!

I’m having the same issue after updating to the latest version of emClient. The rules work sporadically. If I run them manually, they apply correctly, but they do not work automatically most of the time. They are set up as Local Rules.