Rules Modification Requests

A couple of things I’d like to see in Rules creation.

1st, selection boxes to move a rule to the top or bottom of the list of rules, then fine adjustments can be made with the Move Up and Move Down boxes.  With a large number of rules it would make it much easier to change a rule’s hierarchy by moving it to the extremity that’s closer to the desired position.

2nd, The option of using logical operators.  An example would be in the selection of words in a document, such as word 1 AND word 2 = both words must be present in the email document.    The present setup is limited to an OR selection of listed words. 
That option would also be useful in the Person criteria and possibly others as well.

Hi John, thank you for your suggestions, we’ll consider improving these features in future releases of eM Client.
But please note you can use logical operators but instead of AND an empty space should apply and instead of OR simple dash will do ‘,’


Hi Paul.  Just following up on this; I wasn’t able to make this work in the way you suggest. I want to filter out emails that have “Test 1” and “Test 2” in their bodies, but to keep emails that have only one of the phrases.  But setting the filter to “Test 1 Test 2” (ie, putting a space between the two search terms) doesn’t work. I’ve tried putting quote marks around the two terms, but that doesn’t work either.  Am I missing something?

I am having exactly the same problem as Nigel: Trying to filter out strings of type [http://www](<a href=)"> by defining a rule with a space embedded for the varying part (XYZ) as Paul suggested, e.g. [http://www](<a href= “Link httpwww”). .ru"> just does not work. An  AND operator is highly essential to get rid of the spam flood using differing links with similar formats.
PLEASE make this work asap, as eM Client has the wonderful feature and unique selling proposition of rules also working on HTML tags in a mail message body, a unique feature that Thunderbird is  direly missing (Thunderbird filters work only on plain text in message bodies, not on HTML tags).
Thanks in advance - Robert S.   

Hi, eM Client unfortunately does not include advanced filtering options that would allow you to filter out messages that contain links to selected first level domains, however you should be able to filter out a message using the a tag, using the above mentioned criteria in your rule.

Hope this helps,

Hi Robert:

I was actually following up on another question posted somewhere else on this forum, and I thought I’d try to help by experimenting with all the filter conditions.  When I got frustrated, I typed the response you see above.

I was wondering - and the more people who try this out, the better the result might be - if there was any combination of conditions that would work, using the emClient “except” condition; after all, I thought I could make this equivalent to an “.OR.NOT.” condition. No success yet, but I’ll keep on trying, and we’ll see whether Paul comes back with an explanation of that one email.

I’m wondering about that one; there are so many requests for this feature in this support section that you’d have thought that, if there was an easy way to do it (using an operator, as Paul suggests), it would have been referenced in other places and responses.


Thank you Paul, but the spam plague currently affecting many email accounts usually has a varying part in the HTML “a href” tag, though it all refers to a russian or chinese domain in the HTML message body. Hence, a simple possibility of a simple AND connection between two criteria, or a wildcard allowed in between two sections of a string would completely suffice as a major step forward. 

IMHO eM has not fully seen that a simple “AND” clause or wildcard between filter words would be a MAJOR SELLING POINT for eM, as this is a UNIQUE feature that competition like Thunderbird cannot provide (at least regarding HTML tags in message bodies). This would make eM Client a highly praised weapon against spam attacks for lots of people, and will be a wonderful marketing and advertisement argument for eM client.
Regards - Robert

Hi, thank you for your feedback regarding Rules options, we’re working on an upcoming release of eM Client which should include some more improved filtering options for Rules.

However note that Junk filtering is a server side feature due to it’s ability to filter the message right when the message is received by the server. This allows you to have the incoming messages filtered even while eM Client is offline for all your other devices.