Rules improvements

  1. Add “Rename” button to dialog. (Shouldn’t have to go through the modification steps just to rename).

  2. Allow wildcards, especially when setting up rules based on the sender’s address. Many companies send mail with variations on the address. Would be nice to filter on * as an example.

OR…  add an option for addresses “containing”.

  1. Make Rules dialog independent and able to float over main window. I often find that I need to refer back to the email list while creating rules, which is currently very tedious to do.

  2. When selecting folders to apply a rule too… marking the checkbox on an account (next to it’s name) should select all folders under it like any other tree tool does. However, selecting only an account checkbox causes an error stating that no folders have been selected.

I’ve added or better linked your suggestions to my already big wish list located here:

But I wouldn’t hold my breath to get any improvements on the rules ever, regarding the already poor customer service within the forums at the Moment.