Rules/filters: Change subject when forwarding email

Hi there everbody,
I’m receving logfiles from several systems in my email account which I want to archive by forwarding them to my Evernote account via email.
Evernote has hte possibilty to sort incoming mails by notebook and tags using their subject, e.g. [email protected]?subject=@logs#server1 will file the mail in the notebook “logs” and tag them as “server1”. Unfortunately, I did not find a possbility to predefine a subject within the ruleset when forwarding an email. The emClient address book also won’t let me define a spearate email address using the ?subject line. Anybody any ideas on this ?

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yes unfortunately this is not possible with rules in eM Client and neither is adding the line to the receiver’s email.

I hope you can still manage to use the application, however if you’d like to see the feature in eM client, make an “Idea” topic and let other users vote on the feature and if the feedback is sufficient,
we might be able to see the feature in future releases.

Thank you and sorry if this is an obstacle to you,