Rules, Filter and Boolean Logic etc

I am using v9.1

I have committed to move my whole team to eMC as there are so many things to like about it and there seems to be very few bugs and crashes compared to other clients out there. We love the way it synchronises the calendar with Zoom and Teams. This is a huge benefit.

We are moving away from another client (let’s call it Vampire for the moment as I was recently told I would be banned from this forum for mentioning another piece of software).

There are however some things which would be great to see implemented. Hence my multiple feature request.

  1. What eMC calls “Rules” are very hard to manage and seem to have some limitations. The way other products build a boolean logic “tree” is simply more intuitive. The learning curve is very steep and some logic functions are either missing or rather hidden. Not sure where to start on this, but I am sure it can be improved.

  2. We are all struggling to build search folders that contain complex filter element. Yes, you can get eMC to work, and work well, but it could be better. I think that some brainstorming is needed here. I would also like to be able to place them inside each account tree. Sort of like virtual folders within each account. To have them in their own section is not very useful when working on a particular account. Also not great when you have many of them.

  3. When a computer crashes for any reason, often due to another program misbehaving, eMC will not restart without a very long delay while it rebuilds the database structure and repairs any damage caused by it being open at the time. For example, today I had my computer crash while I closed a “screen share” in a Teams Meeting. It happens from time to time. When I was up and running again and able to rejoin the meeting, eMC was not available for nearly 1 hour while it repaired itself. This really messed up the meeting as I need some files in my emails. A nice design feature might be to allow the continued use of eMC but with a warning that a rebuild is needed. I am not sure how this might work, maybe some level of journaling is needed. Other programs seem not to have this issue.

  4. We would really welcome a level of automation in removing duplicate emails. The “deduplicator” needs at least 10 clicks to get running and this is harsh and time consuming. Can it not be added as a right click in each folder? That way we would only need to use the “deduplicator” on specific occasions like just before making a back-up or when importing emails in bulk.

  5. A simple request. Can the top of each account tree maybe become “bold” or in some way indicate when new emails have arrived in each account? I already have a lot of accounts and there will be more. As a result I keep each tree minimized. To see if any new email has arrived I need to open each tree to have a look. It would just speed up things.

  6. A simple preview when hovering over attachments would speed up my work flow. It only needs to be available for some image formats AND also for pdf. It takes too long to open each pdf using external applications. It is all about the speed of processing a lot of email.

  7. I do not know if this is a feature request or a settings issue, but… When we create a teams meeting in eMC it appears in my Outlook calendar !! This is brilliant. But when I create (or receive) a teams meeting in Outlook it does not appear in my eMC calendar… The result is that I need to keep Outlook open as well as eMC.

Sorry for the long wish list. I am not expecting anyone to respond to it, but I hope eMC can read it when they consider what features to work on for the next release.

Thank you for creating a great product.