Rules don't work. When will emclient fix the problem

I’ve read where the rules won’t work if the email has passed through another program. I pass all my emails to one incoming only gmail account and then to emclient. In Outlook, Thunderbird, PostOffice and Endora, the rules ALL work for me. Why can’t emclient fix the problem? What is holding up the fix???

Most of the time people didn’t setup correctly, and tend not to follow the steps given. I have 3 mails being fetch by Gmail. And my rules are working. What are you trying to do?

I think the rules are now working. I had to reboot… Stupid me.

Next question for you. How come emclient can not sync with Google tasks? Or am I missing something…?

Task API wasn’t put up by Google until recently (6 month or so). I have spoke with some other developer before, and apparently, the 3rd party API has a limit on how frequent it can negotiate the server. I’m not too sure on how would this affect 3rd party developer. But judging from the availability product that actually support Google Task, I say - not good.

Mmm I figured that would be the case. I’ll continue to use Wunderlist for my tasks…that way I get a fast update on my 3 PCs, and my Galaxy Nexus. I like emclient after two days. It has frozen up on me a couple times but I’ll the free version a few weeks. I can’t use the sync because I have the limit of two google accounts linked…one for mail and one for contacts/calendar. Next week I’ll shut down the contacts/calendar and see how the sync link account works. Thanks for your information.

we have made some changes in rule processing and here is the fixed version:

Is this fixed version for everybody?
I do not have problems with rules, except for mails arriving in a special folder.
These mails do not appear in the global box.
My version 4.0.13961.0

I can’t see that anything was fixed. Emails sent to “rules made folders” all go to “read” the minute the folder is opened. I understand that this is problem only with IMAP accounts but boy is this annoying. I did find that if you again mark them “read” they will open one by one as you highlight them.