Rules don't work when run AUTOMATICALLY, but they do work MANUALLY! A number of us are having this problem. Fix please!

Rules don’t work when run AUTOMATICALLY, but they do work MANUALLY! Running rules every ten minutes is no good! Fix please!

See attached screen shot of error message and one of the rules definitions.

I completely agree with you, RULES ARE USELESS, they don’t work automatically, and I think that is a BIG BUG in a 4 version of an Email client… any fix with this?

None of the rules seem to be working but if I try to run manually I see a “processing” dialogue that never quits & nothing else happens, i.e. rule IS NOT executed.

are you sure that you have correctly set all settings and exceptions?

Even I am facing this issue…
This is making the software difficult to use as I have 1000s of mail coming daily…
Please help!!


this must be caused by bad rules settings, please double check them again if they are set up properly.


Jan, Thanks for your prompt reply…
I just discovered that it download mails first and then rules are applied.
Hence rules are working.
Is there a way that directly rules can be applied as they are getting download (like Outlook) but if it might cause performance issue. I would happily have this.


not this is not technically possible, Outlook can do this because it is Microsoft’s software and taht is why it can work with their server technologies which noone else can put hands on…

eM Client works like this with IceWarp server because they are our close business partners so we can get our hands into their technology.

So this is why rules can’t be applied before email is downloaded.



I believe eM is base on thunderbird core and coming from TB I do see as a BIG problem dealing with many accounts and large daily bases emails.

I see eM as very shining star, but an indispensable future as RULES must be taking very serious by your company.

We have v5 ( the last version ) and have the same problem which kind of hold us in purchasing the software and replace the TB for entire company.

So, please let me know what can be done to solve this problem.

Thanks for your great support.


in 5.0.18661.0 rules were repaired are now working correctly, what issue do you have with them?

Also eM client is built from scratch using IE core, it has nothing to do with Thunderbird at all.

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Follow-up on eM Client Rules and regarding my comments and John Galis reply.

Yes, the rules works. But!, if you do not have the right “composition” than they do not work.

Here is the problems, the concept of that rules was not made from the not tech user point of view, they are made by Microsoft. So, by all means they are not user friendly like Thunderbird, unfortunately.

My opinion as a user, the company must see the whole eM Client project from the average user eyes.

The program have great potential, but the company must ask the “average” users for direct feedback and implement faster the needed future, resolving problems and bugs which they face on such version.

Any negative remarks on the forum regarding inability of the company to deal with such problem, definitely will push away future users.


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to be honest I can’t think of anything more “user friendly” rules yet with same functionality.
Making rules are same like making sentences, it uses logic based on boolean algebra together with English words which describe themselves.

Thunderbird’s rules are different but by no means simpler, that is why eM Client’s rules are influenced with Outlook.

anyway if you think that there is anything that can make rules more intuitive then you can make suggestion.

with regards