Rules do not work

I have just installed the newest version and imported all my mails and folders from Thunderbird.
I have set up a large number of rules to filter mails into different folders (opening a typical mail from a mailinglist, copy the address and then paste it into the rule. I run a number of rules to check and they filtered fine.
Now I suddenly see that the rules do not move the Emails as expected on download from the mailserver and even if I trigger them manually they do not move the files.
Any idea what could be the problem?

Best regards

If you are sure you don’t receive them with any concurrent email client/mobile phone (eM Client don’t filter already received emails) we would appreciate if you send us logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check Network communication. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (to [email protected] with reference to your problem) using the same logging settings window.

I have my Android running in parallel - that seems to be the problem as you describe it. That has never been an issue with Thunderbird. What is the reason eM Client has been designed like that?

I will ask our programmers but we consider a change of the behavior in a distant future.

…but I do not actually read mails on the Android so this cannot be the reason?

Our filtering design is that we don’t filter emails without \Recent* flag. It can cause that sometime messages are not filtered because of unpredictable reasons as you can see from IMAP definition.

* Definition of the \Recent flag according to RFC:
Message is “recently” arrived in this mailbox. This session
is the first session to have been notified about this
message; if the session is read-write, subsequent sessions
will not see \Recent set for this message. This flag can not
be altered by the client.

If it is not possible to determine whether or not this
session is the first session to be notified about a message,
then that message SHOULD be considered recent.

If multiple connections have the same mailbox selected
simultaneously, it is undefined which of these connections
will see newly-arrived messages with \Recent set and which
will see it without \Recent set.