Rules do not work automatically

The rules do not work automatically when junk mail arrives. 1.) Rule sets “Delete certain words” and “Delete certain recipients” permanently after receipt.
2.) Despite the rule, the junk mail still arrives.

Why the rules do not work automatically?

Can you give an example/screenshot of the Rule?

Also, it is important to understand that Rules only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox. If the message has already been read on another device, or is not in the Inbox, the Rule will not apply.

Here is the screenshot. The mail arrive in the junk mail folderAshampoo_Snap_Montag, 9. August 2021_11h59m14s_001_Regel-Assistent

If the mail arrived in the Junk folder, then Rules will not apply to it. Rules only apply to new messages arriving in the Inbox.