Rules dissapeared

Win 10, EMc 9.0.1708.
I had a blue screen crash on my laptop, not for the first time either, and EMc went through its crash rebuild when I started it again. Unlike other occasions it seems to have lost all my local Rules. Is there any hope of recovering them? I tried an Import but it found nothing in the default folder.

Go to Menu > Rules.

Click on the server/local Rules selector next to the New Rule button.

Are your Rules in Local Rules?

Ah, thanks, they are there.
Didn’t it used to default display Local rather than Server Rules?

It depends on which email folder you are in when you go to Menu > Rules.

If you are in an account that supports server Rules, then the server Rules section for that account will be displayed when you got to Menu > Rules.

If you are in a Local Folder, or the account doesn’t support server Rules, then Local Rules will be displayed.