Rules are not working at all

I have 3 pop email accounts I added. One is my main email, one is for bills/finances, and the other is for coupons & sales. I added all 3 and chose to use the local folders. I created rules so that the emails that come in from my bills account go to my bills folder and the emails that come in from my coupons account go to my coupons folder. I also made it so the emails also get assigned categories. So I ran the rule and it took ALL emails from all 2 accounts and put them into my Bills Folder and then assigned the Bills category to them. It should only be emails from that account. I’ve always used rules in Outlook and Thunderbird with no problems but with this software, I can’t use them at all. What am I supposed to do?

If you are convinced that the rules do not work, enable “Rules” logging in Tools - Settings - Advanced and try to simulate the issue. Finally, send us the logs using the same window. Thank you.