Rules are Not Processing a Portion of the Time

I am investigating eM as a possible replacement for Outlook. I have 6 accounts set up with IMAP.  Overall, I am impressed by the speed and overall simplicity of eM  BUT  the rules function just isn’t working properly.  1/2 the time it simply doesn’t work.

The rules I’m running are all very basic - simple from address then move to folder rules.  However, it’s all hit or miss.

  • Sometimes they are all moved
  • Sometimes none are moved
  • Sometimes a portion are moved and others stranded
  • This happens with all of the addresses
    Looking through this forum I see this is a  long-standing issue .  Unless this can be resolved in some way (and fairly soon), I don’t see how eM can ever be useful to me as a client.

I find that Rules work exceptionally well . . . with POP3 accounts. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for IMAP.

Sometimes, changing the order in which they are executed has better results, so maybe give that a go.

Another option is to have the Rules setup as filters on the server, which can be done through the web interface for your email provider. This method has huge advantages for IMAP as the messages will already be in their required folders when downloaded to the email client. That also means if you have multiple devices connected to the same account, you only need one set of filters.

I’ll try the “at the server” recommendation - that makes sense, tho I don’t know how well-designed my provider’s web app is as far as filtering (never used it).  Ironically, I’ve been off my other devices for the last hour and all arrivals since then have been properly filtered, so the “who gets there first” criteria seems to be the controlling factor.

You might be onto something there Randall. It always seemed to me that if a message was read on my phone, eM Client did not consider it a new message and so did not process it with a Rule.

Yea!  I can now verify that all messages are filtering properly.  It took a bit of work but here are the procedures for IMAP:

  • Log onto your webmail for each account and recreate the filters there so they match exactly what you set up for eM
  • Go to your phone/other devices and set the appropriate folders/sub-folders to sync
    That’s it - Just make sure that when you’re on your phone or other device that you view beyond your Inbox so you don’t miss anything