Rules and Vacation

After returning from a longer vacation I downloaded all the mails of the meantime to the emClient. They had been sent/received by my smartphone during vacation. What is missing is the execution of the rules. Many were not sorted to their appropriate folders. How can I execute all rules in one batch run now?

Rules only apply automatically to new unread messages in the Inbox. If you have already read them on another device, they won’t apply.

However, to catch up, you can apply them manually by right-click on the Inbox and choosing Apply Rules.

a) It would be helpful to have a button “apply all” in the rules windows.

b) Item folder in “all inboxes” is misleading. It does not show the effective folder. I had now use “tag” instead.

There already is. Whichever Rules are ticked will be applied.

If that is not easy enough, on the next window you can Select All.


Right-click on the item and choose Properties. That will show what folder it is in. Or, you can choose a single line layout, and include the folder column.