Rules and Account order


I have a lifetime license, and I really want to use eMClient.
I like its interface, its intelligent calendar and a number of other things.
I also received the notification email about the new Version 9.1

I was wondering if this version addressed two of the issues that prevent me from both using and recommending the SW.

Issue 1
The ruleset incomplete and not very flexible
For example, I need to have a DIFFERENT notification sound based on a rule. E.g. all mail from a certain list of senders should be notified by “bebop”, while all mail from another list of senders should be notified by “bzzz”, and all the rest should not be notified.
Also being able to export the ruleset for use in another installation, and being able to program it outside the unwieldy and slow interface (XLM, for instance?)

Issue 2
Being able to sort the accounts manually in an arbitrary order, so that the less used ones can be tucked away at the bottom.

Issue 3
I seem to remember that eM Client’s calendar cannot synchronize with the calendar on Microsoft online Outlook/One Drive, whatever they are calling it these days.

Do you have any plans for these issues to be looked at?

Thank you!