Rule wizard and sentences?


I remember being able to add sentences to the rule wizard a long time ago, in order to block spam coming from hacked accounts. But now I’m confused as to how it works? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I don’t understand the explanation I found on the website.

As I can see now, I can add words, or multiple words in one entry but I have no idea if the latter is verbatim or not? If I want to make a rule that throws e-mails containing a specific sentence into the junk folder, do I just add said sentence as a single entry in the list or will it just make a rule that if any of those words are contained, the e-mail will be moved to junk?

Hope somebody can help me out. Thanks!

Multiple words in one entry means that exact combination of words will need to match.

So for example if you use a multiple word entry like remember to add, it will not apply to your message above because your text says remember being able to add.