Rule with words found in body not working

I tried making a rule for setting the category of emails with a phrase found in the body that just won’t work. I have similar rules for words found in the subject that work just fine.

Can you post a screenshot of the Rule?

Also bear in mind that Rules only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox.

I have applied the rule manually multiple times.

If it works when manually applied, try moving it up to the top of this list of Rules.

Also, a Rule is applied automatically only to the Inbox. If the message is not in the Inbox, it will need to be done manually.

Again, the rule does not work even when applied manually.
I have other rules that look for a word in the subject that work just fine despite not being in the inbox so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Sorry, I read “I have applied the rule manually multiple times” to mean that you have used the Rule successfully multiple times by manually applying it.

Can you send me a copy of one of the messages you want to move with this Rule? Right-click on the message and choose Forward > Forward as attachment,

Done, although to reiterate, I don’t want to move the message, just apply a category

OK. The issue is with the text in the message body. What you see as  Tales from the Gambler’s Sea is actually  Tales from the Gambler’s Sea.  This is because of the HTML code used to replace the apostrophe.

Just simplify the Rule a little and it will work.

Hopefully you won’t also be categorizing a different story called Tales from the Gambler. :wink:

I thought since I copied and pasted the phrase when I first made the rule that wouldn’t be it but it totally worked! Thanks