rule to save attachments

I think it is a very usefull feature to enable a rule to save attachments in an specified folder.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this feature in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,

Thank you,
I noticed that in outlook 2010 , saving attachments by a rule has to be done only via runing a VBA script.  I tested it but I found that Outlook does not download attachments when mail account is IMAP, so VBA codes find no attachment when a e-mail arrives. (if we run the rule some while later it finds the attachments).

So if you add this feature to eM-Client, it can be one of those advantages of eM Client over outlook 2010.

Thanks again
Omid Mehdizadeh

I really want this feature, as I receive many invoices as pdf attachments. It cannot be that difficult to implement.

The download extractor ( auto attachments download to different folders by the rules) was a very usable feature in Thunderbird, does it has EmClient?