Rule to move message and mark message as read not working

I have a few servers and I get a lot of email from processes on these servers, so I have a “server messages” folder. I created a rule to move all new messages from the server to my server messages folder and mark the message as read. Everything works fine except the messages are not being marked as read.

I really, really like this software and I want to keep using it. I really love the way it natively integrates google calendar and tasks - This is a major selling point for me. It works great. However between the this annoyance, the search trash and junk folders problem I’m having and the issue of not using message flags to store categorizations on the server is really holding me back from buying several life time licenses of this software…

I really wish everything just worked - if it did you guys would have a 5 star app. As it stands you’re only at about 3.5 stars.

Anyway, is there any way I’m not seeing to make the messages mark as read like the rule says its supposed to? Or is this just another bug / botched implementation here.

Any chance this will be fixed the next patch/version?

Hello Richard,
I just tested using rules with the Mark as read rule, both alone and used together with moving a message to different folder and I can’t replicate your issue. Are you checking these mails on any other devices? Are there any other rules applying to those messages from the server perhaps?

In any case, you can go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on ‘Rules’ logging. Restart the app and when the rule fails to apply again, please send the logs to [email protected] with a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.

Best regards,

OK now I feel bad haha, you were actually right. Apparently I had set up these rules on my web host provider to happen on the server and I really don’t remember doing it. Perhaps Thunderbird did it for me when I set them up on that software…

I’m going to keep using the server rules instead of having them in my client just to keep things clean. Unfortunately it does not have an option to mark the messages read but I guess I can live with manually doing it.

What would be great, is if I could set a rule up to automatically mark new mail, in a specific folder, read upon showing up there, as my server rules do not have a ‘mark read’ option. Food for thought.

And thanks for the support :slight_smile: