Rule not working right

I set up an email folder “Gerry”. I then created a rule that said when received, move to folder “Gerry”. I have received several emails from Gerry, and they get sent to the garbage folder. Does em Client know that Gerry is my wife?
Anyway, I cannot find a solution.

By garbage do you mean Trash or Junk?

If it is Junk, then the messages are most likely being moved there by your server. You will need to login to the webmail interface, go to the spam folder, and mark one of Gerry’s messages as Not Spam. Otherwise the server will continue to move them before eM Client sees them.

I have been receiving email from my wife for years without problems, Never sent to spam or anything like that. I had been using em Client for a few weeks, and yes, I am still talking with my wife. It only started doing this WHEN I set up this rule. I just deleted the rule, and she still goes to “junk”. I will look into your suggestion.

The other possibility is that you inadvertently created a Blacklist Rule to which she was added.

Go to Menu > Rules and if there is a Blacklist Rule, edit it making sure her address or domain is not listed there.

Thanx. I had set up a blacklist, and it looks like I got spam from somebody and accidentally set it to block the domain @gmail. Deleting it fro the list fixed it. I will be more careful after this.

Thanx Again

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