Rule for "junking" email

I have unsuccessfully been trying to create a Rule “junking” emails that contain a certain word(s) in the From: line, including using the Header Source option.  Does anyone know the syntax to use for this purpose? For example, From: VIAGRA


Hi Michael,
a way to set up a rule like this is to go to ‘Tools > Rules > New Rule…’ and go through the creation wizard to add all your criteria.
For example:
Set ‘After message has been received’ and ‘move to Junk folder’ on the first screen and then use the Next option to remove or add other criteria.
Uncheck the ‘from people’ option as you do not want to add specific addresses.
Check ‘With words found in subject’ > Click ‘words’ > Add all your chosen words you want to ban (ie viagra).
Continue through the wizard to add more criteria and/or name your rule and save it.

Example below:


I see that I might have misunderstood your query though, if you meant to ban addresses, then unfortunately that is not possible, you can either choose whole emails or a domain, as in “” to ban all addresses from this domain.
Or instead of ‘words found in subject’ use the ‘words found in header’ option.