Rule "Except where name is in address book"

I just read this: and thought “That’s a good idea”, but I can’t see how to do the “except where in address book” part. 
Unless the “Except from people” rule accepts wildcards, which on first try it (“except from ‘*’”) it doesn’t. 

Can this rule be expressed in eM Client?

Also - Having created a test rule, I’d accidentally left it set on all accounts, where actually I want the spam to be moved into the spam folder appropriate the the relevant account. I don’t seem to be able to edit the account setting of the rule. 

Hi Ben,
this rule cannot be automatically set up, unless you’d manually add all your contacts into the ‘Except from people’ option.
As for editing your rule, I must admit I am not sure what the problem is - are you not able to edit the rule in Tools > Rules by choosing to ‘Modify rule’?


I can modify rules. I can’t modify which accounts the rule applies to - the “Scope”. 

Oh. I just clicked through the Modify rule process on another rule, and it *changed* the scope from one account to All Accounts. And there’s no way to change it back. That’s not very helpful. 

Also, what I was hoping you would say was

“‘Except from people in address book’ is a sensible constraint to want to express and a good idea. I’ll add a feature request and we’ll see when we can get round to doing it”

Hi Ben,
I’ll add a feature request and we’ll see when we can get round to doing it.

Also,changing the scope is done with changing the condition to the rule - ‘processed with account’.


Thanks =)

The scope thing - has that changed in a recent update?

I had some rules which were set to a particular account, and I seem to recall that the scope was a separate step in the setup wizard. 

Now, when I look at the previously created rule in the rule list UI, the scope is correctly set. But when I click “Modify Rule”, the “Processed from Account” tickbox is not selected, and if I click through the rule editing wizard, the scope is removed.  

It looks to me like the way the scope was edited has changed, and the upgrade process doesn’t seamlessly read scopes set the old way?

I’ll see if I can file that as a bug report.