Rule "Except where name is in address book"

I would like to create rules that treat email from people not in my address book differently from people who are in my address book. 

Adding every single address in the address book to the rule doesn’t work very well, because

  1. It doesn’t update dynamically when the address book changes
  2. Manually updating when the address book changes doesn’t work very well. If I re-add the whole address book I get thousands of duplicates on the rule which aren’t cleared automatically, and I can’t remove the addresses from the rule one at a time. I even tried removing the whole “People” constraint and then shutting down emClient and starting it up against and adding People again and it still remembered the whole list I had in there before. So the only way is to clickclickclick remove a couple of thousand times. Which is boring. 

Please allow some kind of tickbox or wildcard on the “People” rule constraint type for “Anyone in any/one particular address book”.