Rule Error when Sent To is BCC address

I have set up a rule:

After message has been sent
from ‘“Josh Davidson”
forward to ‘
except when sent to ‘

When is on the BCC the rule still fires. I don’t believe it should for be excepted because the message was sent on the BCC already to the address.

This seems to be a bug, and easily fixable.


I believe there’s nothing wrong with the rule, since you’re including the email in BCC, you’re sending the mail to that address,
so the rule automatically expects that it doesn’t need to send it again (by forwarding it).
Is that understandable?

Thank you,


You don’t understand. The rule IS FORWARDING when the sent to address is in the BCC. The expected case is that the rule WOULD NOT FORWARD with the sent to address in the BCC, as you stated.

It is a bug.


Hi, I’ve passed the issue (suggestion) to developers and we’ll try to make a fix for this.
Thank you for pointing this out to us,


Thanks, but this is not a suggestion, it is a bug. What is the thinking that a BCC address doesn’t fall into the Sent To condition?