Rule Enhancement

Adding a rule to automatically relocates an email from a specific sender is good, however I wish I could create a rule which operates when the email address CONTAINS specific text, rather than simply MATCHES an address.

For example, Amazon, Paypal and ebay send multiple standard messages, but each from different senders. Currently I have to set up a rule to catch each unique address - it would be so much simpler if the rule could identify text such as ‘amazon’ ‘PayPal’ or ‘ebay’ within the email address.

Thunderbird has this capability.

I, too, would want this.   When the rule involves the “from” field, it should accept any substring.  So, I could indicate “”.  (It took me a while to figure out why my rules were not working!)

I’ve found that sometimes a big sender can send emails from multiple servers where the sending domain can be different to  the origins domain. For example [email protected] and [email protected] would both come from

Trapping on the domain name alone isn’t ideal, it would be far better checking for the from address containing a user defined string of characters.