Rule Definition

I am finding creation of rules somewhat perplexing, with a couple of minor changes to emClient life would be much simpler.

First, I know I can right click on a displayed message to create a rule. But that’s no good if I simply want to add a from address to a previously defined rule. So I have to navigate thru menu’s to get to the rules dialog, then select and edit the required rule.

The rules dialog is modal, so you have to close it to continue using email (with Thunderbird the rules dialog is non-modal so you can put it in the background and switched to using Alt-Tab). And if you need to make another rules change relating to a following message you have to go thru the whole palava again.

A simple enhancement would be a toolbar button to launch the rules dialog. Navigating a menu is okay, but it’s a lot of work if you need to make several changes in succession.

Then on completion of the rule definition, you can select to apply the rule. It is rather annoying that emClient doesn’t default to the InBox or “remember” the last selection. This adds another selection dialog to the process.

A second minor enhancement would be to make the selected option sticky - so that the next time you want to apply any rule there would be no need to select the desired folder on which it applies. My rules are virtually guaranteed to operate on the Inbox so it would be good if emClient remembered what I chose last time.

Finally, it would be real nice if I could define a domain rather than explicit From address. Services such as Amazon send emails from suppliers using a randomised email address, and I haven’t got a hope in hell of maintaining a rule list containing these randomised email addresses.

With Thunderbird I can define a From or To address as “containing” defined text, so I can define a rule to capture all email from Amazon. This is so much easier than trying to maintain a list of explicit email addresses.