Rule actions regarding categories

I’m a bit surprised that the actions for rules are somewhat limited… For example, all emails retrieved from my Gmail account come with an automatic “Important” category which appears as yellow in eM-Client (which cannot be changed apparently).  We don’t use “Important”, and want it removed during retrieval of every message.  Seems simple enough because I can easily do it manually.  But that action doesn’t exist, I can ADD categories, just not REMOVE any.  I haven’t really even started testing the rules engine for my eval, this was just the first thing I tried!

What do others think about the rules engine?  
Good, bad, acceptable, limited, problems?

If anyone from the company reads this… Is there any plan to evolve the rules feature?

My evaluation continues… 

The Gmail important label is an interesting one.  As you suspected, it is passed though by Gmail and and as of now, there is no way to get rid of that label in eM Client.   However, you can configure Gmail to not pass the flag through.  See this thread for a better explanation:

All categories except the Gmail “Important” can easily be added and deleted.

As far as the rules go, I’m not a heavy user of them, as I am really comfortable with searches and search folders (search folders are hidden gems that are very useful and to some extent act as a “favorite folder”).  Many users (especially Gary Curtin) use them extensively and while there are some weaknesses, they seem pretty solid.  Personally, if I do use rules, I create them in Gmail and they are then portable and, IMHO, more reliable.

Wow Jay - a lot of useful information here!  (I’m catching up on my forum replies!)

First, when I clicked your link emc gave me a warning that the real url was not what appeared in email.  So I copied the url and saw that it went to here:…

Is that a normal occurrence?  Because we receive links all the time, and while this was obviously safe, we don’t need unnecessary warnings and in this case it seems emc should have known it was safe.  (I confess it took me a while to realize what it was)  I’m also not sure why the link pasted into your email with a different url - altho I am guessing emc is trying to offer some protection to end-users.  This seems to just be in the way.

But THANK YOU for the link because I did not know how to do this in GMail!  The automatic important tag is absolutely the stupidest feature I have ever seen in 33 years! LOL

Rules - I’m glad they’re solid - we’re pretty happy so far, except for not having some obvious actions such as removing a category.  I suppose it is irrelevant if everybody removes that important tag in GMail. LOL  I love problems that solve themselves!

That’s very strange, I have not seen that before.  That being said, I don’t normally open eM Client links in eM Client–I go to the forum.  I just opened it in another email client and I did not get that message.

I do open links from senders all the time and I’ve never seen it before.

BTW, I actually like the important flag.  I have a (dreaded) search folder that filters for the flag and that way I don’t have to look at unimportant stuff initially and I can go back to those at a later time.

Very interesting… I just realized that email notifications of replies to my posts do NOT have the important flag!  Why?  They obviously go to my GMail account as I can see them there!  But in emc - no important flag.  LOL  I’m so eval’d-out I’m getting loopy I think! LOL

Oh absolutely I will use an important flag!  But I will build a rule for it, and definitely don’t need it on every incoming message.  I had a vision of using Google for the email server only, and doing all the rules and flag setting in emc.  I may have been mistaken I think.

Hey Jay - I got a very informative and encouraging email from the good folks at emc - which I think they wouldn’t mind me sharing with you - but I don’t think it’s appropriate to post here.  If you are agreeable, shoot me an email at 
David at Invenio David dot com

Thanks again for all your time and effort to help me in this evaluation.  If we go this way it’s a lonnnng-term relationship and I think we can be join you in helping the community and the company.  And honestly were it not for you and a very few others we would have written off the user community as an un-asset.  So - thanks again.