RTL support and Conversation view is a must

Hope you’ll add conversation view for emails and much better RTL support.


RTL support will be improved in 6th version. Conversation view is still planned but there were problems with it’s implementation so we have postponed it until very late updates of 6th version or into version 7.

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I hate this question but it there any ETA for the 6th version?

eta is not exact but it still should be released in late october to end of november.



Did you give up on converation view in version 6? I am testing eM and considering moving from Outlook. But I need conversation view to convert.

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I can’t say, all we know is that it could be implemented in late updates or in next version.


O.k. Too bad. I really like you program - but I can’t live without conversation view.

Conversations are now beautifully implemented, RTL support will be appreciated as well.
Thank you!