RTL in Version 7

Hi Guys,

In version 6 I had the RTL button which is now (after upgrading to ver. 7) seems to be gone.

Is this possible?

try pressing Ctrl+Right Shift for RTL and Ctrl+Left Shift for LTR.


Ha…works like a charm!

but why did you take out the good old rtl icon?

with new features being added to the Mail window’s toolbar with the new version (and more coming in eM Client 7.1) there was decisions made about removing the less used icons from the toolbar for cleaner GUI.
The RTL/LTR buttons were one of them and instead we implemented eM Client to respect the already existing Windows shortcut for RTL/LTR switch.

I find this explanation helpful but for RTL users hiding this icon is like hiding the bold icon or attachment icon. Please reconsider.

I’m very very new to eM Client because I look for an Outlook alternative and eM makes until now a good impression - but hey - how do I write in Hebrew ?
… searching the internet … eM forum … aha - Ctrl+RightShift … works !


I strongly consent with Shaul - it’s good having RTL with keyboard shortcuts but it’s much better to have also an icon in the toolbar - most of the formatting is done with the mouse so - please - return the RTL/LTR icons 

I can change this thread to Idea so other users can vote on implementing the RTL button again in the new version.
I can’t promise this change will be made though as telemetry showed that not many users actually ever clicked the buttons and we respect the native Windows shortcut, which many people already use in other Microsoft programs.
Perhaps if enough people ask for the feature it will be included again :slight_smile:


BTW another fun fact - I’m on a computer where the right shift button is not working…guess what no RTL for you today!

I agree with the rest of the RTL users - the icon is essential and needs to be back:

  1. Almost no one, even advanced users are familiar or use the CTRL+SHIFT shortcut. People knows the ALT + SHIFT and use to change language, but for changing the direction, all other programs I know has an icon.
  2. If you want a cleaner UI for most users, that’s fine but you can add this icon as optional, so RTL users will add it to their toolbar.
  3. I could not find any way to save the RTL property as the default for new\returned mail. I could save it with the default template in version 6 but I cant do it now, so I have to press CTRL+SHIFT with each and every mail. Maybe this is the reason that your telemetry didn’t show much usage for the RTL 
    Bottom line - PLEASE give us the RTL button back at least as an option and add a way to keep it as default for every mail message.